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Our Charges for Investment Bonds

We aim to offer low cost and transparent charges for investment bonds without compromising on service.

Implementation of the Investment Bond

We do not charge any initial fees for the implementation of your investment bond. This can include the Know Your Client requirements where we send you a Questionnaire to ensure we give you the most suitable advice, anti Money Laundering checks, advice, if requested, the provision of a Key Features Illustration to show you all the charges and if advice has been requested a written record of the actions taken and the reasons for them. The advice will be limited to the purchase and implementation of an investment bond.

Most of the investment bond providers have “Adviser Charging” structures where they pay intermediaries like us an initial charge and a yearly charge- if so our preferential terms are 0% initial and 0.25% per annum. If no Adviser Charging is facilitated by the investment bond provider, we charge you a fee of 1% of the amount invested.

On-going Investment Bond Advisor Charges

We charge 0.25% of the value of the investment which is paid to us by the investment bond provider. This covers on-going monitoring, fund switches, valuations, the provision of online access, if available by the bond provider, future chargeable event calculations, assistance with making sure future surrenders are made in the most tax efficient way (segment surrender vs utilising 5% cumulative withdrawals), assignments to lower income paying spouse’s or civil partners, telephone and email access to an Independent Financial Adviser and working with your executors or trustees when the investment goes through probate. We do not make any other charges for on-going work.

Not included

We will not give advice on other areas of financial planning unless these are directly relevant to the purchase of your investment bond.

Whilst we will implement an existing trust for no extra cost we will charge for advice on the setting up of a new trust unless it is for an investment of at least £250,000. The cost for a new trust will depend on the time taken and the complexity involved but typically we charge between £750 and £1500 for each trust.

We will not offer trust taxation advice for bonds written in trust, so the reporting and payment of taxation incurred will be the responsibility of the trustees and beneficiaries. Whilst we can show them how to report taxation liable on the trust to HMRC it is their responsibility to ensure they comply with their reporting requirements.

Any initial telephone consultation will be limited to no more than one hour. Additional work beyond this will be charged at an hourly rate which will depend on the nature and complexity of the service required.